February 15, 2024

KC Common Good Superbowl Parade Shooting Vigil

Judy Sherry, Maribeth Brennaman and others attend vigil

Gun Locks Save Lives

Gun locks make a direct impact on preventing injuries and deaths from accidental shootings and suicides by restricting access to firearms.

What We Believe

We are for gun safety.

Are we against guns? NO.
Are we against gun violence? YES.

We are a gun safety group that serves our Kansas City community.

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GGS News

We were honored that the Kansas City Plaza Rotary Club raised $1050 for Grandparents for Gun Safety. (read more)



GGS Monthly Meeting

Monday, March 25, 2024

4:00 p.m.

Colonial Church Prairie Village

“Debunking Myths in this Election Year”

In this Year of the Vote it is crucial that we can spot them and seek out the truth

What We Believe

We are a gun safety group.
Are we against guns? NO!
Are we against gun violence? YES!


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