What YOU Can Do to Promote Gun Safety

Join Grandparents for Gun Safety and attend our monthly meetings featuring excellent speakers discussing the myriad of issues relating to gun violence, hear details about what’s happening with gun legislation and simple things you can do to help reduce gun violence by focusing on gun safety.

But if you are not a “joiner” you do not have to become a member to STAND WITH US! Whether you join or not – there are other things you can do. Even if you can spare just a few minutes a week from the comfort of your home to make a phone call, send an email, or simply share information through social media, WE WANT YOU!


The first and most powerful thing you can do to end gun violence is to VOTE, and to encourage all your family and friends to do the same. You must vote in every single election, not just in presidential elections or those sexy races at the top of the ballot. Every. Single. Election. That includes local races for school board or city council. Bad politicians are elected by good citizens who don’t show up to vote. Register to Vote.

Work to Elect Those Who Care About Gun Violence
Educate yourself on every candidate’s stand on gun violence. Work for those who support your views. Volunteer for their races and use your online social network and in person to promote them – even those who are outside your district. Donate to their campaigns. Become a cheerleader and help them win voters so they can advocate good gun policy when elected.

Pressure Those in Office
Make their lives uncomfortable if they refuse to support universal background checks that 85% of us support. Start with your state representative, state senator, congressman/woman and include your U.S. Senators. Show up at their town halls, testify at hearings, tweet at them and comment on their Facebook pages. Hold vigils outside their offices. Ask publicly and peacefully why they refuse to support sane gun laws that will save lives. Be. A. Nuisance.

Use Your Voice – Everywhere
Talk to your friends at book clubs, PTA, and faith group meetings and on Facebook. Ask if they have a gun and if it’s locked away from their children/grandchildren. Offer them a Lock It For Love gun lock for FREE. Follow gun legislation and make your voice heard. Write letters to the editor, even to local papers. And especially talk to your family and neighbors at every social gathering.

Change The Culture
Join groups that push to get guns out of our stores – and don’t shop at ones that won’t. Demand your school board NOT arm teachers. Leave immediately if open carry enthusiasts show up at restaurants or shops.

Post to Social Media
Social media is the political arena of our times and is the best way to get a message out to a large group of people instantaneously. By simply sharing Grandparents for Gun Safety messages and updates through your social media, you can begin to affect change. Make sure you are following us on Facebook and Instagram.

Wear Your Spirit Wear
Show your support for GGS and spread the word by wearing our great new spirit wear! New items with the new GGS logo are now available at every monthly meeting. For more information email [email protected]