Grandparents for Gun Safety is a Local, Non-profit Organization that Stands with Like-minded Groups and People of All Ages to Make the Community We Share Safe for All.


All members of our community have the right to feel safe from gun violence.


We focus on solutions by promoting gun safety, educating the community, and seeking common ground gun reform that respects the rights of gun owners and non-owners alike.

What We Believe

By standing together we can add power to our combined voices to make an impact on legislation and gun safety. We invite people of all ages and persuasions to Stand With Us for gun safety.

What We Do

  • We educate through monthly programs featuring speakers on a variety of issues relating to gun safety, publishing a monthly e-newsletter and presenting an annual Community Forum for the public on various issues and solutions to gun violence.
  • We advocate by keeping supporters informed about gun regulation legislation being considered at the local, state and federal levels and encouraging them to advocate to their own legislators.
  • We participate in our innovative projects like Lock It For Love and Vision Quilt, demonstrating in support of the annual National Gun Violence Awareness Day, commemorating the anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy every December 14 and standing with community coalitions confronting suicide and accidental deaths from firearms.

That’s the number of free gun locks distributed so far by our volunteers at community events throughout the metro area.