2022 in Review & 2023 Ahead

In many ways it was a year of renewed hope and at the same time a year of frustration

Hope came when for the first time in 30 years Congress finally passed some semblance of gun reform legislation. But clearly, it was too little too late to dull the drumbeat of gun-assisted suicides, curtail skyrocketing sales of firearms or prevent seemingly daily mass shootings like those in Buffalo, NY, Uvalde, TX and Highland Park, IL.

Still, Grandparents for Gun Safety persisted in its efforts to educate, advocate and participate for firearm safety at the local, state and national levels. Admittedly, finding solutions to gun violence is a marathon, not a sprint. That’s why we are committed to the long-distance race for gun safety and to a finish line we can eventually cross. Together.                                                        

We’re encouraged by our progress 

  • Presented the 9th annual Community Forum, Advocacy: The Time is NOW! to 200 attendees, in person and online, with sponsor support from 20 community organizations and more than 90 individuals.
  • Celebrated the 5th anniversary of our Lock It for Love program and its distribution of more than 5,100 free high-quality gun locks while participating in 180+ community events staffed by 90 GGS volunteers.
  • Secured passage by the KCMO City Council of a resolution acknowledging the health risks of owning firearms.
  • Continued presenting thought-provoking monthly educational programs with the theme: Stand With Us and We Stand With You to keep our community safe from gun violence.
  • Welcomed 51 new members, bringing our membership total to 350.
  • Collaborated weekly with national gun violence prevention groups, including like-minded grandparent organizations in Massachusetts and Washington state, to educate federal lawmakers about the need for gun safety legislation and advocate for its passage when introduced.
  • Invited to speak at March For Our Lives rally and other local demonstrations.
  • Maintained an active profile in both traditional and social media while continuing distribution of our monthly e-newsletter highlighting information about the gun safety movement.
  • Added two new at-large directors to the GGS Board and hired its first administrative assistant to support the organization’s growing public presence and community involvement.

 We urge you to Stand With Us to achieve our 2023 goals

  • Present a banner 10th annual Community Forum with expanded numbers of sponsor partners and increased community attendance.
  • Celebrate our 10th anniversary year with renewed resolve to make our communities safer from gun violence by Standing with the public and diverse groups of all ages and social outlooks.
  • Build on the nationwide recognition that safe gun storage saves lives by expanding the Lock It For Love program using new methods to reach broader segments of the community.
  • Increase our membership total to 500.
  • Develop a strategic plan for growing our organization by expanding current programs and developing new ones to further the cause of gun safety.
  • Emphasize the heightened public awareness about gun violence and the need for gun safety action to gain new members and spur participation of current members in meaningful projects.
  • Continue working with our partners across the country in advocating activities directed at national, state and local elected officials.
  • Increase social media presence through postings, likes, shares and engagements.