Listen Up! Gen Z Students Tell Us What They Think

GGS Monthly Meeting & Program
Monday, August 28
4:00 – 5:30 pm
Colonial Church in Prairie Village, 7039 Mission Road
Note: Meet in the Social Hall on the lower level

Among a host of entrenched problems, gun violence looms large for young adults who’ve grown up with active shooter drills and the near daily media coverage of mass shootings. Increasingly, their voices are raised, their votes are cast and their peers are elected to grapple with problems older generations have wrestled with for decades.

We plan to work with Gen Z and Millennials to make a difference. On August 28, join us to hear from area students Alyssa Langton of Turner High School, Grace Springer of Olathe East High School and Shravani Khisti of UMKC. They’re among many in their generation who consider gun violence among their top concerns, along with climate change, reproductive health care and LGBTQ+ rights.

The Gen Z and Millennial generations represent a formidable voting bloc whose influence was felt in the 2022 mid-term elections. Their votes plus those of voters ages 55 and older represent a political force to reckon with, now and in the future.

So come get a “sneak peek” at the conversations sure to surface at GGS’ 10th Annual Community Forum, Gun Safety – Generations Standing Together, on Monday, October 9.

Grandparents for Gun Safety Virtual Meeting
August 28th 2023