The two mass shootings in California that claimed the lives of another 18 innocent victims are further evidence legislative reforms are desperately needed to control gun violence, according to Judy Sherry, founder and president of the local nonprofit Grandparents for Gun Safety.

“How many more victims of mass shootings will it take before lawmakers listen to the American public and do something to curb this violence?” Ms. Sherry asked. “None of us is safe until everyone is safe.”
In both attacks, the alleged shooters used assault-style weapons, the seemingly weapon of choice in mass shootings. “These deadly weapons should be used only by trained law enforcement or the miliary on a battlefield,” Ms. Sherry said. “They do not belong in the hands of average citizens.”

Legislation to ban the use of assault weapons passed the U.S. House of Representatives in July 2022 but languished in the U.S. Senate without a vote. That’s despite multiple research studies showing gun owners and non-owners alike are concerned about mass shootings.

The shootings were the 38th and 39th since the new year began, an average of more than one each day. Ms. Sherry said gun reform supporters “need to step up and speak out, loudly and often.” Contact numbers for U.S. Senators can be found at and U.S. Representatives at

Since its founding 10 years ago, Grandparents for Gun Safety has worked for common ground gun reform and safe storage requirements at the local, state and national levels.
Lock It for Love, its signature safety program, has distributed more than 5,220 free, high-quality gun locks at nearly 200 community events throughout the metro.