While every horrific school shooting in the U.S. is news, the history of school shootings is even older than the U.S. itself.

According to K12academics.com, the first recorded school shooting occurred in July 1764 near what’s now the city of Greencastle in southcentral Pennsylvania. A group of Lenape Native American Indians attacked a school house there, killing its teachers and as many as 10 students.

(K12academics.com is an education resource website for administrators, educators, parents and students that’s compiled a detailed list of shootings at American schools and universities.)

Over the decades, school shootings have spanned a wide range of motives and situations resulting in homicides, suicides and preventable deaths. For example, jilted boyfriends (Feb 1909) and spouses upset by divorce filings (Feb 1933) came to school and shot their partners and/or themselves. Students shot teachers over failed grades (May 1992) or what they perceived as disrespect of a sibling (1983). Staff upset with administrators (May 1940) and administrators upset with staff (Feb 1960) found their shooting targets at school.

What’s different in more recent school shootings is their frightening frequency by primarily student shooters plus the impact social media has on school communities. Click here for a litany of school shootings, as compiled by K12academics.com: