It finally happened here. A shooting last week at Olathe East High School left three people wounded, including the alleged student shooter, as well as hundreds of traumatized classmates and stunned parents who thought it couldn’t happen here.

Yet it did — despite the best efforts of many Kansas legislators (though not nearly enough) to strengthen the state’s gun-safety laws. Among those trying without success has been state Sen. Cindy Holscher, whose son is a senior at Olathe East. Luckily he was safe last week.

Safety from firearms shouldn’t be left to luck. That’s why we stand with Sen. Holscher and every other state lawmaker willing to stand up and pass legislation strengthening the state’s gun-safety laws, not relaxing them. Students and their teachers deserve to feel safe at school rather than wondering where to hide or how to escape if a shooting happens.

Last week, our collective luck in Olathe held. No one was killed at Olathe East High School and not more students or staff were injured, although their emotional trauma may last a lifetime.

Contact your state lawmakers today. Tell them: Do something now before our luck runs out. – Judy Sherry, Grandparents for Gun Safety, Kansas City

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