MARCH 2018



Bullying: Stopping It Before It Starts

Monday, March 26, 2018, 4:00 – 5:45 p.m. 
Colonial Church in Prairie Village (Lower level, east side at back)
7039 Mission Road

Experts tell us bullying and being bullied are both major contributors
to gun violence. Many times the child who was bullied becomes the violent bully. Or the child who was bullied sees no way out other than suicide. Sadly, both often turn to guns as a solution.

Our speakers this month will show us two very different ways of how to understand – and hopefully prevent – bullying. They’ll discuss the forces that lead to its far-reaching impact, including poor
self-esteem and the inability to control anger or resolve conflict.

First, we’ll hear from
Anthony Butler, a poet, rapper and Founder/CEO of the

V. “I” P. Movement
(VIOLENCE “I” PREVENT). His message to teens and adults focuses on how to help the bullied, the bully and the bystander.

Then, Deidre Anderson, Executive Director of

St. Mark Child and Family Development Center
, will discuss the Center’s efforts to teach young children anger management skills to resolve conflict without resorting to bullying.


As a follow-up to last month’s program on Social Media, we’re offering an earlier start time of
3:15 p.m. for those wanting more hands-on help. Please
RSVP if you plan to attend the early session to ensure we have plenty of instructors on hand. Check out this

Social Media Step-by-Step
cheat sheet for a head start!





How much do you already know about gun violence and its impact? Test your knowledge by taking this quick, 13-question quiz from The Trace:

How Much Do You Know About Gun Violence in America?


You’ll find even more relevant information in our newly updated
Fact Sheet: By the Numbers
. For easy reference, these 25 important facts about gun violence are divided into five key categories. 

It’s a lot of information to absorb, so here’s a suggestion: commit to memory two or three facts that hit a special chord with you. Share them with friends and family when a conversation turns to
gun violence and its effect on children, safety, public health and government legislation.


Learn more about the AR-15 in this New York Times article:

Once Banned, Now Loved and Loathed: How the AR-15 Became ‘America’s Rifle’

Here are a couple of good articles about the NRA and our elected officials: 

the Republican who will take on the NRA? Spoiler alert: Not in Kansas or Missouri

N.R.A. Can Be Beat


The country is still reeling from the tragic shooting in Parkland, FL on Valentine’s Day that left 14 students and three teachers dead. Media coverage has been widespread and
here are some points of interest:



Seeing Congress unwilling to act on gun violence, executives at many American corporations are now severing ties with the NRA:

and Dick’s Raise Minimum Age for Gun Buyers to 21

Because advocacy is one of GAGV’s primary goals, let’s tell these companies we appreciate their stance! Write a letter or even easier, when you’re shopping in one of their stores or renting their
cars or flying their airlines, say THANK YOU.


Mark your calendar in bright orange for Saturday March 24, a pivotal day for the gun violence prevention movement here and around the country. It’s the
March for Our Lives, inspired and led by survivors of the Parkland, FL high school shooting. They and their supporters are demanding lawmakers take action to end gun violence and school shootings.
Locally, March For Our Lives KC will take place from noon to 4 p.m. in Theis Park, south of the Nelson-Atkins Museum on the Plaza.

Grandparents Against Gun Violence is co-sponsoring the local event with GAGV President Judy Sherry among its speakers. We urge GAGV members to wear orange, make signs and invite friends to join you!
Check the official
 page and the
GAGV Facebook
page for ongoing updates. We will be asking for volunteers to help that day, so watch for an e-mail soon!

As these young adults lead the country into a broader conversation about gun violence, remember our own conversation continues October 8 at our fifth annual

Community Forum – Gun Violence: Changing the Conversation
. Our keynote speaker is Candace Lightner, founder of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). She’ll tell us how she helped change that culture and how we can do the same with gun violence.

With lawmakers refusing to act even after the tragedy in Parkland, we should remember these words from Calvin Coolidge, our nation’s 30th president:
“Nothing can take the place of persistence. Talent will not, genius will not, education will not. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. ‘Press On’ will always solve the problems of humans.”