Once again we had a record crowd of nearly 100 attendees. We’re mad – and not going to take it anymore!   After hearing the various presentations, we all came away with a great deal of excellent information. Our keynote speaker was Sherman Smith, Editor in Chief of the The Reflector, a nonprofit online daily newsletter with 10,000 subscribers that covers Kansas legislation and politics. He told us  “Being skeptical is healthy” and encouraged said the best way to spot misinformation and disinformation in all kinds of media is to “question everything” and avoid relying on a single source.

Among questions Smith suggested critical consumers of multi-media should ask themselves:

  • How reliable are the sources?
  • How well-documented are the facts used in the story, report or post?
  • Is the information coming from an unbiased or neutral authority?

“A more polite and benign term” for mis-and disinformation is “spin,” Smith said. “And it’s a routine, daily occurrence at the (Kansas) statehouse.”

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